CinemixTv on Google Play

Hello to everyone. Our CinemixTv application came out. Now you can read the latest news (Soon will be in the App Store for Iphone and Ipad). Please do not forget to give 5 stars :). Click to download.

Question: Is it free to watch videos? Answer: Yes. Totally free.
Question: Why is registration closed? Answer: For some security reasons. Only certain days are open.
Question: Why can't I log in? Answer: Make sure your login information is correct. Use password reset if you do not remember your password.
Question: Why are there continuous ads on videos? Answer: To cover the cost of the site.
Question: Why are there ads for certain minutes of on the video? Answer: We cannot control the duration of the advertisements. It's completely random.
Question: Why can't I watch the videos? Answer: If the video has been removed (for copyright) the video will not appear.
Question: Why are videos just black screen? Answer: It does not originate from us. The site we uploaded the videos is problematic. It's just a problem with mobile devices. (Ipads, Iphones, Android tablets, Android phones etc..)