Question: Is it free to watch videos? Answer: Yes. Totally free.
Question: Why is registration closed? Answer: For some security reasons. Only certain days are open.
Question: Why can't I log in? Answer: Make sure your login information is correct. Use password reset if you do not remember your password.
Question: Why are there continuous ads on videos? Answer: To cover the cost of the site.
Question: Why are there ads for certain minutes of on the video? Answer: We cannot control the duration of the advertisements. It's completely random.
Question: Why can't I watch the videos? Answer: If the video has been removed (for copyright) the video will not appear.
Question: Why are videos just black screen? Answer: It does not originate from us. The site we uploaded the videos is problematic. It's just a problem with mobile devices. (Ipads, Iphones, Android tablets, Android phones etc..)